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· Experienced Java Development Team (Including Servlets, JSP, XML, XSL, Development of Middle Tier and n-Tier Solutions, Java Mail, Shared Data Toolkit, RMI)
· Integration with Legacy and Back end Systems (including SAP R/3)
· Experienced Application Server development team, including EJB

· Application Design:
· Microsoft - Visual Basic, Visual C++, J++
· Enterprise Java 2 Applications
· Mobile Commerce (m-Commerce):
· Palm computing development
· SmartCard (iButton) development
· Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce):
· Complete web integration
· Security
· Electronic transactions
· Web Design:
· Active Server Pages (ASP)
· Java Server Pages (JSP)
· DHTML and JavaScript
· Java Applets
· Servlets
· Hosting
· Graphic Design
· Multimedia:
· Macromedia Flash
· Training, demonstration and other multimedia CD ROMs

Complete Project Management
Quality Assurance Officers
Areas of Expertise
Java - J2EE, EJB, Servlets, JSP
Microsoft - Visual Basic, Active Server Pages, J++
Internet Profiling - profile information, dynamic page building, content targeting
Markup Languages - XML (XSL)
Web design - DHTML, JavaScript, Flash
Multimedia - Marketing and training material (see Flash Portfolio)

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